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IT Contracting

  • Cloud Networking Implementation Exquitech’s partnership with CISCO Meraki cloud networking will ensure manageability, scalability and cost saving for your business. You will monitor and control your entire network from the cloud.
  • IT resources Identification We will assist you in choosing the most suitable hardware or software that meets your company’s requirements and needs. We will manage and control all IT subcontractors and activities.

IT Outsourcing

By outsourcing your IT department to the professionals at Exquitech, you can focus your efforts on your business while we monitor, manage and support your IT section. This proactive data management and support system keeps your business running smoothly with fewer down times and faster recoveries. We offer a variety of packages based on each company’s needs and demands, which include the services below:

  • Weekly IT preventive visits: Exquitech technicians will provide weekly preventive and supportive visits, where we will monitor your hardware, software and network resources, perform backup operations to your data, support, coach and assist your staff on site.
  • Remote and phone support: Exquitech’s hotline will be open to answer all your support and assistance calls during your opening hours. We will also perform remote assistance to instantly solve your technical problems.
  • Emergency Visits: Exquitech’s on call expert team is always ready to support and solve your incidents on the spot during your opening hours and to offer 24/7 support for emergency incidents.
  • IT Resource Management: Exquitech will assist you in all IT aspects, including recommending solutions and providing your company with the needed IT hardware and supplies.

IT Consultancy

  • Exquitech’s IT business strategy consulting service will help you optimize your company from an IT perspective by understanding your business needs and creating a fully automated environment. We will help you secure and create your IT strategic plans, while aligning practices with the IT management standards.
  • Exquitech specialists will identify and prioritize necessary IT improvements and provide you with the best recommendations and solutions.
  • We will audit all the IT resources and the IT department’s functional and strategic work, after which an audit report will be presented to the company.
  • Our team will assist you in building the optimal solution for your business and help you create your IT quality management documents.

Application Development

  • We design and develop custom applications based on each company’s needs.
  • System analysis in which we will analyze your company’s systems and databases to be integrated under one platform using custom applications or database administration. Reporting and data management will be centralized under one location.
  • Comprehensive and detailed analysis of the business needs
  • Preparation of design specifications
  • Initial design concept
  • Programming
  • Testing/validation
  • Client support (training & support material provided)
  • Ongoing development and maintenance.

Developed Applications


Web clinical application software. Complete software that handles all interactions between patients and clinics, from appointment reservations, to doctors’ diagnosis and treatments


Ex HotSpot Solutions

Create your own hot spot solutions with advanced statistics, customer data management and social media login


(Guidance insights portal)

It is a complete hospitality and retail software that handles all interactions, documents, product catalog, communications and trainings between the corporate office, the operations and the franchisees from one system.

Guidance Insight portal

Ex Document management

Manage all your important business documents with automatic versioning and publishing workflows

Ex Document Management

Cloud Services

Exquitech is a Microsoft Gold and Optimize Cloud Partner, Experts in Office 365 and Azure solutions.

  • Our main focus is to enroll each and every cloud service in Office 365 by building an automated cloud solution for your business.
  • What differentiates us form other partners, is our expertise across all the services and dedicated resources for microsoft cloud solutions. We have our own certified support team ready to serve you with a 24/7 hotline number.
  • Office 365: Before being introduced to Office 365, we used to be partners for other cloud providers. However, since our first encounter with the product, we believed in it and made our customers believe in it too.
Today Exquitech is leading the microsoft cloud solutions being the only optimize partner in the region with the highest number of customers and implementations.
We showed our customers the unique aspects of Office 365 and highlighted the features and added value to their business.
  • Microsoft Azure: Microsoft Azure has become a leader in the cloud computing and hosting solutions.​
Having more then 50 different scenario's and projects hosted on Azure, Exquitech Cloud professionals present multiple solution on their azure hosting environment including infrastructure, virtualization, mobile apps, web application data replication and Disaster recovery cloud sites.
  • EMS: Exquitech was one of the first companies to implement and master the Enterprise mobility and security (EMS).
  • Protect your information, virtualize your environment and control access with our Microsoft EMS solution.
  • Sharepoint and flows: our developement team with assist you on developing your custom workflows and forms under Sharepoint online. We will also create an automated environment for your company by building the needed processes forms, and approval requests for your business.






Cloud Solutions

Microsoft Gold Partner

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