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Microsoft Azure Faqs

Moving your business to Microsoft Azure offers numerous benefits, including scalability and flexibility. Azure provides a wide range of services for hosting applications, storing data, and managing infrastructure, enabling you to scale resources up or down based on demand. Plus, Azure's comprehensive suite of security features and compliance certifications ensure your data remains protected and compliant with industry standards.

Yes, Microsoft Azure can be seamlessly integrated with your current on premises infrastructure, enabling hybrid Cloud deployments. Azure offers a range of connectivity options, including:

- Virtual private networks (VPNs).

- ExpressRoute.

- Hybrid identity solutions like Azure Active DirectoryWith Azure Stack, you can extend Azure services to your on premises environment, enabling consistent management and development across hybrid Cloud environments. Our team specialises in designing and implementing hybrid Cloud solutions, ensuring seamless integration between your on premises infrastructure and Azure services.

Security and compliance are top priorities in our Azure deployments. We follow industry best practices and utilise Azure's built in security features to safeguard your data and applications. This includes role based access control, encryption at rest and in transit, threat detection, and continuous monitoring.

After migrating to Azure, you can expect comprehensive support from our team of Azure experts. We provide ongoing monitoring, management, and optimisation services to ensure your Azure environment remains secure, reliable, and cost effective. Our support services include troubleshooting, issue resolution, and proactive maintenance to address any challenges that arise post migration. Additionally, we offer personalised guidance and training to help your team maximise the value of Azure services and take full advantage of its capabilities.

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